Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fave Friday-Super Cool Growth Charts

I've wanted a growth chart for my son's room for a long time. I should have been tracking his height since he was able to stand, but in all of my new mommy craziness, this was something I let slip by. Bad mama! It wasn't that I wasn't searching for a growth chart since my boy began walking, I was! But I gotta say, I was shocked at how expensive some of them were. To be honest, I wasn't too crazy about most of the designs either, so I kept putting it off. Now that my little boy is 19 months old and super curious about everything, I figure keeping track of his height would be a fun activity. It's also a super way to get the kiddies to eat their veggies. Remember the old "eat your broccoli so you can grow up to be big and strong" spiel your parents gave you? Well, what a fun way to show your child exactly how much they are growing each month.

On my latest internet search for the perfect growth chart, I was lucky to come across the super cool Freckle Box. They specialize in adorable personalized products and had the coolest designs for Personalized Growth Charts I've seen, plus the best prices. I was thrilled to find a guitar-themed growth chart for my music obsessed babe. While you're at it, check out there other awesome personalized gifts. I can't wait to order the Coloring Books-so cute!

NOTE: The items featured in Fave Friday are things that I choose and love. If it's not a product or service that I believe in, you won't see it here. 

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