Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Organic Cherry Kefir Frozen Pops

Kefir is a creamy, cultured, probiotic drink. It's similar to yogurt but slightly more tart. I serve Kefir to my 9 month old son on top of his oatmeal every morning. You can find Kefir in many fruit flavors but I prefer to serve the plain version to my son. Since he hasn't gotten used to those overly sweet "fruit" flavored yogurts and Kefirs, he LOVES the tangy taste of plain version which makes a mama happy. Kefir is a great for smoothies.

I came up with this treat for my little boy who has not yet gotten his first tooth. These pops are a wonderful way to soothe sore gums. This recipe is one that both kids and parents will love. They are so nutritious, you can even serve them for breakfast on a hot summer morning.

Please Remember: If you plan on serving these treats to a young child, make sure you are with them while they are eating. As with any treat on a stick, there is always a chance of choking. You also want to be careful that your little one doesn't bite off a big piece. Since Griffin is still an itty bitty, we share. I rub a bit of this frozen treat on his gums and I munch on the rest. He loves sharing big people food with mommy.

Organic Cherry Kefir Frozen Pops
Makes 8-3oz popsicles

1 10oz bag organic frozen cherries
2 cups organic whole milk Kefir (our fave is Lifeway Organic but you could use plain 'ol yogurt if you can't find Kefir)

**2 tablespoons agave syrup or sugar if you feel you need more sweetness. Please taste first as the cherries should be sweet enough.

Put the Kefir and the cherries into a food processor and process until the cherries have broken down and the Kefir turns a light pink color.

Pour into molds (like these super cute silicone ones I used) and freeze over night.


Swap out the cherries for your favorite frozen fruit . Any kind of berry would be amazing !

Skip the freezer and drink the mixture as a smoothie instead.


  1. Where did you get those fantastic molds??

    xo Marina

  2. I actually listed them in the post. I knew peeps would like them. They are silicone and made by a European company called Orka Mastrad.


  3. Great idea -- I actually did this last week with Strawberry kefir. But I had a big issue -- I could not get the popsicles out of the mold! Did you dip your molds in water, or? Help please, they are tempting me from the freezer!

  4. Hello Anne,

    Thanks for posting! I used silicone molds which make the removal very easy (see above for link to the ones I bought). However, if I were in your shoes (and i have been before but thats why i bought silicone. lol), I just dipped them a little in warm water and gently twisted. see if that helps. I hope it does. If not, melt them down again and make a smoothie. LOL

  5. Love the look and sound of these. Where are you finding good cherries now? I want to try these with mangoes. And I think I'll try with soy yogurt, since my kids and I have issues with dairy.

    Thanks! BTW, I am loving the blog. It's great!