Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A tale of no kitchen.

Many of you know I haven’t been posting recipes because my kitchen is being renovated. Christina without her kitchen is a sad, sad girl. My husband James is doing a lot of the work himself and you can see the progress on www.cucinasalerno.blogspot.com. I am excited about how it will look when it’s all done. However, it’s only week two and I am FREAKIN’ ANNOYED it’s taking so long. Whenever we renovate one room in our house, the mess and chaos spills out everywhere, ALL OVER THE HOUSE!!! Why do we think that renovating one room gives us the right too wreck the entire house? (Well, minus Griffin’s room which as always, immaculate at least until he learns to mess it up himself.)

When I said I didn’t have a kitchen to cook in, I sort of lied. I still do cook every night. I am fortunate enough to own a 2 family house and even more fortunate that the second apartment is my mother’s. She watches my son all day, EVERY DAY while we are at work (I am SOOO lucky-I KNOW!). She is a saint for many reasons but has been extremely gracious to allow us to use her kitchen for all of our meals. However, the meals that I have been turning out aren’t so inspiring so I will spare you the mish-mosh that is our current eating habits and promise you that the new kitchen will bring some new and exciting recipes!!!

Now, I am not the easiest person to get along with especially when it comes to kitchens and cooking. I’m sort of a “get outta my way and let me work kinds cook”. My mom has had to deal with my banging around her kitchen trying to make elaborate meals on her tiny stove. I’ve PACKED her fridge with everything under the sun and her freezer is spilling out with homemade baby food.

Speaking of homemade baby food….my son Griffin has decided that the tiny food processor that I use to puree his food is his worst enemy. Just the slightest whirring sound from the machine sends him into hysterics. WTF? What happened? I have been making him food with this thing for 2 months now. Whatever the reason, I can no longer use the thing in his presence, which makes making baby food nearly impossible. Since my mom helps us out so much, I want to try and be as self sufficient as possible and wanted to try and continue to do the purees in my kitchen-less house. Since I have no kitchen in my house and my son is afraid of the dang Cuisinart, I started pureeing the food in my downstairs bathroom. Picture me with the food processor propped on top of our tiny sink with the door shut and a towel over the machine so he couldn’t hear the noise as he sat in his exersaucer in the living room. Appetizing no? That did seem to work, but after 2 days of bathroom cuisine, I decided it wasn’t the cleanliest idea. That’s a lie, I stopped because I dropped my Cuisinart on the floor of the bathroom and cracked the thing into pieces. Why didn’t I just resort to jarred food during this time of crisis you ask? Well, I did sort of, but couldn’t stand the though of my son not receiving any fresh food for a month and I was determined (some call it stubborn), so I carried on.

This past Saturday morning, I decided that I once again, I needed my mothers help and asked her to watch Griffin in her house while I took my NEW Cuisinart out to my backyard. I said I was determined. So I marched my PJ wearing ass out to the backyard, sat on a planter and started grinding away. Ahhh…the smell of accomplishment. My neighbors must have been thrilled, but nothing stops this mama from feeding her little boy fresh food. NOTHING!!!! Take that! Who needs a stinkin’ kitchen anyway? Me, that’s who!

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